Slabs, Tops, Rough Sawn and Machined Timber

At Rarefind Timber we have a wide range of timber
including slabs and tops, rough sawn timber and machined timber.

Rough Sawn Timber (RS)

We have a range of rough sawn dimensional timber in different sizes.

Slabs and Tops

Our slabs and tops range includes:

  • Slabs
  • Mirror Matched,
  • Table – BBQ Tops,
  • Bench Seats

Slabs and Tops (Dressed)

Our slabs and tops, dressed range includes:

  • Slabs
  • Mirror Matched
  • Tabletops
  • Kitchen and Vanity Tops
  • Mantles

Machined Timber (Dressed)

Our Machined Timber range includes

  • D4S (Dressed Four Sides)
  • T&G (Tongue and Groove) or Flooring
  • TVG (Tongue and Groove with a V)
  • Panelling/Sarking

Instrument Woods

We have a range of shapes for instrument woods:

  • Back and Sides
  • Fronts
  • Necks
  • Frets
  • Solid Body
  • Kitsets

Craft Woods

Rarefind endeavours to offer woods suitable for craft as and when we come across such pieces in our daily work.

Recent Woods

At Rarefind Timber we work through different processes to make sure our wood is top quality. View our range of recent woods.

Contact Rarefind Timber NZ

General Enquiries
Michael Esson
Mobile: (+64) 27 451 8083
Morrinsville Road, Hamilton

Instrument Timber Enquiries
Malcolm Williams

We’d love to see you at our mill, but as drying and processing of the timber needs to happen at certain times it can be hard to give you the attention we would like.

If you would like to come out, please let us know in advance so we can assist you as best we can.

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