Craft Woods

Rarefind endeavours to offer craft woods suitable for turning that we discover in our daily activities

Blanks are cut relatively square and machined to show wood grain and interesting features and figure.

Dry turning blanks are cut from larger dimensional timber and purpose milled slabs. Both of which are seasoned prior to cutting out the turning blanks. The blanks are stored in a cool dry place.

We are also experimenting with wet storage to reduce drying defects.

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Rarefind Craft Woods

Ask us about our Rarefind Crafts Woods.

We have a range specifically for

Rarefind Collectors Timber Samples

We have a small range of Indigenous Wood Samples for collectors to purchase. These take time and care to craft and are not massed produced making them a special collectors item. 

We are not able to stock a sample of every New Zealand indigenous timber however we will endeavour to put up what we can as we work on customers orders and come across suitable pieces for samples.

If you are after something in particular, please contact us to see if we can source it for you.

​We don’t assume to know everything about wood, but we give it our best, so feel free to email if you wish to find out more about the suitability of a wood for a particular purpose.

All woods have strengths and weaknesses, some are good for steam bending, some not, some durable outside some not, not all woods are the same that’s what makes them special, immense diversity in colour, figure and many other wood characteristics. If you want more technical advice or discussion email Mike directly and put Wood Advice in the subject line.

Contact Rarefind Timber NZ

General Enquiries
Michael Esson
Mobile: (+64) 27 451 8083
Morrinsville Road, Hamilton

Instrument Timber Enquiries
Malcolm Williams

We’d love to see you at our mill, but as drying and processing of the timber needs to happen at certain times it can be hard to give you the attention we would like.

If you would like to come out, please let us know in advance so we can assist you as best we can.

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