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Rarefind has over 10 years’ experience in supplying suitable instrument wood.

Malcolm Williams has been instrumental in developing this part of the business gaining knowledge and experience with many of the woods we now offer to our regular and first-time instrument makers.

We have a significant stock of woods suitable for instrument making.

  Indigenous woods unique to Aotearoa New Zealand are very important to us and are keenly sort by our customers. Indigenous woods provide an important link to our special country, the use of these woods in instruments provides a deep connection, their touch feel and sound all combining to give us a true sense of place as we work the wood, then play music.

We regularly custom cut wood for other wonderful instruments such as Ukulele, Harps, Violins, Bouzouki, Archtop and Electric Guitars.

Malcolm has built an extensive range of both woods and instrument component blanks from acoustic guitar backs, sides, necks and sounds tops through to the smaller components such as headstock, bridges and bindings. 

We endeavour to offer as much of the Instrument Woods online as possible and hope to add stock on a regular basis. While we are building our online catalogue, if there is something you are looking for but can't find online, please feel free to contact Malcolm by email. 

All timber offered by Rarefind is grown in New Zealand

Looking for a particular item of timber for your instrument?

Please fill out the form below or contact to find out more.

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All our timber species are either well used for guitar or other wooden instruments and have been used with success or may be of unknown suitability, but of interest to try. We don’t pretend to be experts in this field but will gain knowledge and expertise as we grow this small part of our timber stock. Exotic species can be exported overseas e.g. Black Walnut, Blackwood and Cypress. However, our indigenous species (with a few exceptions) are not allowed to be exported by NZ law. Indigenous species are available to customers in New Zealand.

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Michael Esson
Mobile: (+64) 27 451 8083
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Instrument Timber Enquiries
Malcolm Williams

We’d love to see you at our mill, but as drying and processing of the timber needs to happen at certain times it can be hard to give you the attention we would like.

If you would like to come out, please let us know in advance so we can assist you as best we can.

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