Craft Pack P128 CRAFT_Carve

Mix Species



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Craft Pack of small blocks for carving and whittling rough sawn air dry, with a mix of exotic species. Suitable for small hand carving or whittling.

Craft Pack P128  CRAFT_Carve

Himalayan Cedar  CEDEO  E             35x35x150mm
Black Walnut  JUNIG  E                      34x34x154mm
Pin Oak  QUPAL  E                             36x36x120mm
Tulip Tree   LDTUL  E                         32x32x120mm
Japanese Cedar, Sugi  CRJAP  E      42x42x101mm
Japanese Cedar, Sugi  CRJAP  E      30x30x150mm

Total Pieces:  6
Est. Weight: 0.56 Kg, Medium Parcel
Est. Pack Dimensions:
H 154 mm x W 91 mm x D 96 mm
Lineal metres 0.8 m 
Total $54.82

SKU: P128 TAG: Mix Exotic/Indigenous

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