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Craft Pack Kit, "Just Enough" wood to make a Kubb set .Two contrasting species, Black Walnut as a dark rich chocolate brown and Chestnut, a golden brown. Both durable species that can tolerate getting wet. There is sufficient wood to make 5 Kubbs in Walnut and 5 Kubbs in Chestnut, no spare, stock dimensions ex75x75mm. A larger block in Walnut for a King, stock dimensions ex100x100mm no spare, and sufficient wood to make 3 batons in each wood, stock dimensions ex45x50mm from each wood, again no spares!   Air dry, each piece has one straight edge and one straight face. Suitable for home craft person. 

Craft Pack P73 CRAFT-Kit

Black Walnut  JUNIG  ex 100x100x280mm KING
Chestnut  CTSAT  ex 75x75x850mm KUBB
Black Walnut  JUNIG  ex 75x75x850mm KUBB
Chestnut  CTSAT  ex 45x50x950mm KAT
Black Walnut  JUNIG ex 45x50x950mm KAT


Total Pieces:  5
Weight:  12.0 Kg
Pack Dimensions:
H 150mm x W 150mm x L 950mm
Lineal metres 3.9 m 
Total $235.59

SKU: P73 TAG: Exotic

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