Craft Pack P72 Kitset - Indigenous Chopping Board

River Totara & Taraire



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Craft Pack Kitset, sufficient wood to make chopping board from two indigenous timbers of Aotearoa New Zealand .Two contrasting species, Swamp Totara as a dark red brown and Taraire, a warm golden brown. This is a kitset containing 10 pieces of wood 5 pieces of each wood. The pieces have been resawn, straightened, thicknessed and sanded to an even dimension of 45mm x 45mm  and each cut to the same length of 610mm. To build the kitset just add glue to each side of each piece, set flat and clamp together. This will produce a chopping board 450mm ( nearly 18") deep, 45mm (just over 1 3/4") thick and 610mm (24 ") long. To finish, scrap and sand of excess glue then oil with olive oil. Suitable for home craft person. 

Craft Pack P72 CRAFT-Kit
Swamp Totara  SWTOT  I
Taraire  BETAR  I

Total Pieces:  10
Weight:  6.7 Kg
Pack Dimensions:
H 90mm x W 225mm x L 610mm
Lineal metres 6.1 m 

SKU: CP72 TAG: Indigenous

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