Craft Pack P71 CRAFT-Kubb Kit

Chestnut_Black Walnut



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Craft Pack Kit, sufficient wood to make a Kubb set .Two contrasting species, Black Walnut as a dark rich chocolate brown and Chestnut, a golden brown. Both durable species that can tolerate getting wet. There is sufficient wood to make 5 Kubbs in Walnut and 5 Kubbs in Chestnut and one spare, stock dimensions ex75x75mm. A larger block in Walnut for a King, stock dimensions ex100x100mm or two half pieces of each wood that can be joined, stock dimensions ex100x50mm to form a half and half King, and sufficient wood to make 3 batons, stock dimensions ex45x50mm from each wood, again one spare.   Air dry, each piece has one straight edge and one straight face. Suitable for home craft person. 

Craft Pack P71 CRAFT-Kit
Black Walnut  JUNIG  E
Chestnut  CTSAT  E

Total Pieces:  11
Weight:  16.0 Kg
Pack Dimensions:
H 150mm x W 225mm x L 1100mm
Lineal metres 6.1 m 

SKU: CP-71-1 TAG: Exotic

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