Craft Pack 5 Pkt-1768-47-168 MW

Mix Species



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Craft Pack, a mix of small woods suitable for exploring different wood species in craft and other small wood working projects. 


Swamp Kauri Dark  SWAUS  I
Silver Pine  LACOL  I
English Elm  ULPRO  E
Pukatea  LUNOV  I
Australian Blackwood  AAMEL  E
English Elm  ULPRO  E
Rewarewa  KNEXC  I
Holm Oak  QUILE  E

Total Pieces:  8
Weight:  16.0 Kg
Pack Dimensions:
H 190mm x W 290mm x L 650mm
Total $563.11

SKU: CP5-Pkt-1768-47-168 TAG: Mix Exotic/Indigenous

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