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Small Slab, kiln dried, rough sawn, suitable for craft use. Ginkgo also known as the Maiden Hair tree due to the similarity of the leaves to those of maidenhair ferns. Is a very special tree as it is one of the oldest tree species in the world, the Ginkgo dates back to before dinosaurs roamed the earth. Ginkgo has traditionally been planted since ancient times in Chinese and Japanese temple sites.

Packet / Piece No: 1712 / 50 / 1

Species Code: GIBIL
Species name: Ginkgo biloba
Name: Ginkgo

Green /Air Dry / Kiln: Kiln Dry
Rough Sawn / Dressed: Sawn
Type: Slab
Exotic / Indigenous: Exotic
Origin: China, grown in Aotearoa - NZ
Durability: Non-Durable
Hardwood / Softwood: Softwood
Suitable for Outdoor Use: No
Hardness: Soft to Moderate
Strength: Moderate Strength
Colour: Light orangish brown to nearly white

Thickness (mm): 65
Width (mm): 200
Length (mm): 1470

Grade: SLA
Grade Name: A Grade Slab
Density (Kg/m3): 587
Vol (m3): 0.01911
Weight (Kg): 11.22

SKU: 1712-50-1 TAG: Exotic

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