Small Slab - Elm - 1712-57-1




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Small Slab, kiln dried, rough sawn, suitable for craft use. Elm is easily worked, stable in use and takes stains very well, the grain shows through even in very dark charcoal.

Packet / Piece No: 1712 / 57 / 1

Species Code: ULPRO
Species name: Ulmus procera
Name: Elm

Green /Air Dry / Kiln: Kiln Dry
Rough Sawn / Dressed: Sawn
Type: Slab
Exotic / Indigenous: Exotic
Origin: Europe, grown in Aotearoa - NZ
Durability: Non-Durable
Hardwood / Softwood: Hardwood
Suitable for Outdoor Use: No
Hardness: Moderate to Hard
Strength: Moderate to Strong
Colour: Silver to Golden Brown

Thickness (mm): 30
Width (mm): 316.5
Length (mm): 1100

Grade: SLA
Grade Name: A Grade Slab
Density (Kg/m3): 732
Vol (m3): 0.01044
Weight (Kg): 7.6

SKU: 1712-57-1 TAG: Exotic

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