Bluegum - Knife Scales - 1622-6-2 -KNSFM




Mirror matched set of knife scales, suitable for forming a knife handle either side of the tang. This wood chosen for its colour and figure. Serviceable as bare wood but better kept oiled to show the grain and figure. Other sets cut from the same piece of wood are listed, those that are close consecutive numbers (either side) and have the same grade may be similar in colour and pattern.

Packet / Piece No: 1622 / 6 / 2

Species Code: EUGLO
Species name: Eucalyptus globulus
Name: Tasmanian Bluegum or Bluegum

Green /Air Dry / Kiln: KD
Rough Sawn / Dressed: D4S
Type: Knife Scales
Exotic / Indigenous: Exotic
Origin: Australia, grown in Aotearoa - NZ
Durability: Durable
Hardwood / Softwood: Hardwood
Suitable for Outdoor Use: Exposed
Hardness: Hard
Strength: High Strength
Colour: Light to Golden Brown

Thickness (mm) x 2 pieces @: 9
Width (mm) x 2 pieces @: 40
Length (mm) x 2 pieces @: 174

Grade: KNSRM
Grade Name: Knife Scales Fiddle/Ripple Mirror
Density (Kg/m3): 864
Vol (m3): 0.00011
Weight (g): 112

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