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Silly Oak



Medium Silky Oak Slab, a wonderful wood, easily worked, durable and stable with attractive medullary ray figure. Presently air dry, suitable for outdoor use, or can be further kiln conditioned for indoor use. Suitable for; Table top, Kitchen bench, Island bench, River table, Side table, Desk, Servery shelf, Mantel, Vanity top, Reception counter and more. We offer kiln conditioning and resawing services to provide a flat dry slab suitable for the wood worker to further finish with thicknesser, sander, cnc or router sled.

Packet / Piece No: 1596 / 1 / 1
Species Code: GRROB
Species name: Grivillia robusta
Name: Silky Oak
Green /Air Dry / Kiln: AD
Rough Sawn / Dressed: RS
Type: Slab
Exotic / Indigenous: Exotic
Origin: Australia, grown in Aotearoa - NZ
Durability: High Durability
Hardwood / Softwood: Hardwood
Suitable for Outdoor Use: Exposed
Hardness: Moderate to Hard
Strength: Moderate to Strong
Colour: Darker Reddish Brown, strong medullary ray figure

Milled Thickness (mm):
Milled Width (mm): 800
Milled Length (m): 2.8

Grade Thickness (mm): 80
Grade Width (mm): 500
Grade Length (mm): 2.7

Grade: SLP
Density (Kg/m3): 659
Vol (m3): 0.108
Weight (Kg): 71.2

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