stockists of New Zealand grown speciality timbers


Timber, includes Slabs and Tops, Rough Sawn timber, and Machined timber.

Timber_photo4Rough Sawn Slabs, are generally log width boards cut through and through the log.  The slab has natural edges either side, sometimes still with the bark attached. Rough Sawn Slabs are dry but otherwise as they were cut from the log, they may have shrunk and or distorted due to the drying process. This may mean a rough sawn slab is not perfectly flat from one side to the other nor from one end to the other. It may have normal drying defects including cup, twist and surface checking.

Machined Slabs have been placed on a large milling machine and had both to top and bottom faces planed flat. These slabs are flat from one side
to the other and from end to end. The finish is such that they only require sanding prior to finishing. They have generally been kiln dried prior to machining and then wrapped to exclude dirt and moisture.

Timber_photo2Tops are suitable for Table Tops and Desks.  Can be made up from more than one piece of wood.  They may be mirror matched pairs of say 400-600mm wide planks or made up from multiple boards. These have generally been kiln dried and machined then wrapped to exclude moisture and dirt.

Timber_photo1Rough Sawn Timber are boards cut from a log by one of our saw mills. The boards are in rough dimensions e.g. roughly 150x50mm, 100x25mm etc. The timber is either air dry or kiln dried. If it has been kiln dried it is block stacked and wrapped to keep it clean and dry. Air dry timber is either still in fillet,in rack or block stacked, all under cover. We can kiln dry the air dried timber on request. Rough Sawn timber is not necessarily flat, straight nor uniform in thickness and width. To purchase boards that are uniform in thickness, width and are straight you need to look for Machined timber.

Timber_photo3Machined Timber is timber that has been planned on at least 3 sides (D3S or skip dressed) or planned on all four sides (D4S or Dressed Four Sides). The timber has generally been kiln dried prior to machining. Other machined timber products include Flooring or T&G (Tongue and Groove Flooring) and Paneling or Sarking TGV (Tongue and Groove with a V) suitable for ceilings and walls.