stockists of New Zealand grown speciality timbers


Products are the next step after drying and grading timber. It is where we are asked to select or find timber within our stock for a specific purpose.

Flooring, Decking and Paneling are common finished products we produce, a finished product ready to install.

Products_Photo4-6More specialist Woods are selected for Musical Instruments, Canoes, Long Bows, Surfboards, Wood Turning, Gun Stocks and the list goes on.

Wood is one of human kind’s most versatile building materials.  In the past, wood has been used for an incredible variety of purposes, many of the things now made of steel, aluminium, plastic, concrete and other modern composite Products_Photo7-9materials were once made from wood. We have attempted to supply selected pieces of wood for many different applications, over the past 15 years.  Some have stimulated further development; some just generate more regular requests.

Some of the Products we offer are Instrument or Tone Woods, Turning Woods. Machined Timber includes; Bench Top and Table Top Timber, Decking, TGV Paneling and T&G Flooring.  Slabs, large and small with trimmed straight or natural wane edges and mirror matched sets of wide boards are on offer.