Craft Pack P57 30mm_Below_16Kg

Mix Species



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Craft Pack of random mix of planks less than 30mm thick. Selected for a contrast in colour. Generally one face and edge skip dressed, sufficient to run along a fence to resew or through a sander or thicknesses.  


Black Walnut  JUNIG  E
Cryptomeria Jap Cedar  CRJAP  E
Poplar Crowsnest  POEXN  E
Poplar  POHYB  E
Redwood Coastal  SQSEM  E
Pukatea  LUNOV  I
Black Walnut  JUNIG  E
Mountain ash  EUREG  E
English Elm  ULPRO  E
Leyland Cypress  CXLEY  E
Tulip Tree   LDTUL  E
European Ash  FREXC  E

Total Pieces:  12
Weight:  16.0 Kg
Pack Dimensions:
H 240mm x W 190mm x L 1340mm
Total $253.35

SKU: CP-57 1781-7-18 TAG: Exotic

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