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Guitar – Instrument – Tonal Woods

Over the years Rarefind has been approached by people wanting wood suitable for making guitars and other wooden instruments. We have recently been asked to put together a number of guitar back and side sets. This we have done with some success, we now intend to regularly offer such sets as suitable wood comes to hand. These sets have been chosen specifically for their appearance, mainly figurative grain and pattern but also
for their tonal characteristics. The species are either well used for guitar or other wooden instruments, have been used with success or may be of unknown suitability, but of 928-7-1interest to try. We don’t pretend to be experts in this field but will gain knowledge and expertise as we grow this small part of our timber stock. Exotic species can be exported overseas 928-11-1-11-2e.g. Black Walnut, Blackwood & Cypress. However, our indigenous species (with a few exceptions) are not allowed to be exported by NZ law. Indigenous species are available to customers in New Zealand. All timber offered by Rarefind is grown in New Zealand.

Please feel free to contact us about any of the sets listed, or your specific requirements.